Free Bitcoin Generator SCAM – No Fees or Surveys Will See You Getting Free Bitcoins


Looking for a free Bitcoin generator without fees or surveys?

Free Bitcoin Generator Website ScreenshotDon’t waste your time.

In this blog post, I’m going to be exposing the free Bitcoin generator scam & uncovering why those sites claiming to give you free Bitcoins won’t really work (and what they’ll do instead).

Plus, I’ll also share with you a legitimate (and proven) way to earn money instead.

The Free Bitcoin Generator Hack Scam Explained   |   The Red Flags   |   Do Free Bitcoin Generators Without Fees Exist?   |   Can You Really Get Free Bitcoins?   |   A Legitimate Alternative

The Free Bitcoin Generator Hack Scam Explained

Lately, there has been a complete influx of new websites launching that describe themselves as free Bitcoin generators.

They claim that they have been built around an exploit in Bitcoin pools & Blockchain & offer you the ability to leverage the exploit in order for you to obtain free Bitcoins.

You’re told that all you need to do is enter your Bitcoin wallet address & then choose an amount to generate. The process literally couldn’t seem any simpler.

Free Bitcoin Generator Example
Free Bitcoin Generator Example

And at first glance, upon activating the generator it will appear as if it is actually working.

Most of the free Bitcoin generator websites will display a feed which appears to be generating the Bitcoin & they also often a feature a live a chat room in which other “users” appear to be talking about the profits they’ve generated so far.

To the unsuspecting victim, it all seems legit.

However, there’s a catch.

The catch is that after around a 5-minute or so wait, the website will then claim that you either need to pay a small fee in order to release the hacked Bitcoin or that you alternatively need to complete a survey.

Free Bitcoin Generator Fee

And this is where the scam lies.

The whole Bitcoin generator website is a phoney & it’s nothing more than a ploy to trick you into paying a fee to the scammers behind it so that they can earn some money at your expense.

Once you do pay the fee (which I obviously don’t recommend doing) then you’ll just be left to discover, the hard way, that the whole thing doesn’t really work as promised.

The free Bitcoins you “generated” will never arrive at your wallet & you’ll just be left to discover that you’ve actually been scammed.

It’ll also be the same story if you complete the survey too.

You’ll spend your time filling in the survey & when you submit it, the person behind the free Bitcoin generator scam will get paid a commission by the advertiser.

You, however, will just be left to find out that it’s been a complete waste of time.

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The Red Flags

First of all, there is no exploit in the Blockchain – and if there was, I think it’s quite clear that the exploiter would not reveal it to others.

And let’s just pretend that they did – I think it’s quite clear that would not need to charge a fee in order for you to access the “free Bitcoins” that you’ve generated.

Instead, if they really needed money to cover the costs of the transfer (or whatever BS they claim), then why wouldn’t they just take it from the free Bitcoins they’ve supposedly generated?

The answer is because it’s quite obviously a scam.

And then there’s the live-chat the many of these free Bitcoin generator websites display too. The chat, admittedly, does make the whole thing seem pretty convincing.

Here’s an example of one of the so-called “real-time chat rooms”:

Free Bitcoin Generator Chat Room

The problem?

The chat room is completely fake.

All of the messages that are appearing to be sent by other users are just pre-programmed messages that are being put into the chat by an automated bot.

To prove it, try and get another user to mention your name in the chat.

They won’t because they’re not real users.

The creators of the free Bitcoin generator scam have just gone to extreme lengths to trick people into trying it out & paying the fee so that they can earn at their expense.

It’s literally a huge-scale, multi-million-dollar scam.

Do Free Bitcoin Generators Without Fees Exist?

No, of course not – so stop looking.

Bitcoin is an alternative form of currency. It’s just like money, but digital… And so a “free Bitcoin generator” would essentially be a money-printing machine.

If there was such thing as a real free Bitcoin generator then everyone in the world would be rich. Nobody would be left working a job & people certainly wouldn’t be wasting their time “mining” Bitcoin.

All of the so-called Bitcoin generators have fees or surveys because they are scams. There isn’t & never will be a free Bitcoin generator without fees.

By continuing searching for one, you’ll likely just find yourself getting scammed.

Can You Really Get Free Bitcoins?

Through so-called “Bitcoin generators”, no, you can’t get free Bitcoins… But there are actually some legitimate websites through which you can complete small tasks & get paid in Bitcoin.

The problem?

They typically pay stupidly low amounts, meaning you will find yourself working long hours completing tasks in return for an absolutely tiny amount of Bitcoin.

There are simply better ways to earn money online.

And since you’re still working in return for the Bitcoin you can’t really call it “free Bitcoin” because your time will always have a value on it.

Plus, often the websites that payout in Bitcoin (and only Bitcoin) are a little shady.

They choose to use Bitcoin as a payout method because it can be used with scams & pyramid schemes since it’s decentralized.

Other payment processors like PayPal, etc, wouldn’t allow a merchant to integrate their payment systems with a scam.

So if a website only accepts & provides payouts via Bitcoin, I would advise exercising caution as it’s highly likely that it could be a scam which could see you losing money.

A Legitimate Alternative

The truth is that the internet is full of scams or shady programs that promise the world but then fail to deliver on their promises once you've handed over your cash.

It can be hard to know who to trust, or where to start.

The good news is that I've put together a completely free guide which explains step-by-step how you can get started with the method that I personally use to earn my own money online.

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